Any car that already has two engines is Turnrow approved. The Invader is one of those full-sized hot wheels cars that’s as wild as it can get. Or is it? Once I discovered that the front was as wide as an Ice T, the adventure was on!

If two engines are good, another has to be even better. To make matters worse, I decided to use the twin-scoop superchargers from the T’rantula showrod. All was fine until I decided I wanted to use the finned bug catcher from an AMT ’64 Impala. I think I had three or four, and sourced the rest from the Coffin Corner’s parts wanted board. (If you chipped in, I appreciate it.)

Once the body was glued together, I knew I’d need a chassis and a drivetrain that probably would work with enough money thrown at it in the 1:1 world. The result is a main drive down the center with two Turnrow Speedshop “Auxiliary Screw-Drives ™” yanking on either side of the pinion housing.



With the drivetrain locked down, attention was turned back to the body. I wrestled with keeping the side pods, and I am glad that I did. They balance out the scalloped side area and keep the car wide. I knew a car of this size would need a wide tire, but I wanted a road-race, flatland-burning, wide-open sunset burner instead of a drag car. I widened a set of Keystone mags with the outer barrels from the Fujimi wire wheel kits. These add a deep 16 or 17-inch outer hoop and create a lower sidewall. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. I’m a wheel and tire nerd.



The interior was kept simple with a Model A gauge cluster and a Corvette trigger shifter. I make no apologies abut the bubbled paint or semi-flat texture. I literally painted this thing five times. It messed up repeatedly to the point where I almost stomped on it. I’d have to soak it in Purple Power, re-do the bodywork, prime, and re-paint. Five. Times. It’s done.
The Boss Rod. Four tires, three engines, two much fun, one bad ass roadster!