While I know a lot of artists, I’m kicking off my art section with a guy I work with on a daily basis at COMP Cams: Jordan L. Jones. ┬áVector-based illustration is a medium unlike any other and this guy is a natural.

Traditional art mediums capture essence and evoke emotion. Vector-based artwork has its own vibration, and I imagine it affects us as much as Salvador Dali’s revolutionary “photographic quality surrealism” paintings did when new. Built on computers with “wire frames” of points, shapes and lines that are then filled, it’s as tedious and as much of a “learned and earned craft” as any other. It takes a good eye and a desire to do it justice. Jordan has been steadily honing his chops and is world-class. (and I’m not just saying that because he did up The Blue Goose, he-he.)

If you want to keep an eye on him just give him a follow on Instagram, and hit him up if you need any cool artwork in your life.

Jordan on Instagam

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