The Flameout was released in 1972. I found mine as an ancient glue bomb that was missing a few parts. I knew the Corvair engine was coming out and the rest just sort of happened.




You can see the wheelbase was a bit stubby, and those back tires were more cartoony that I’d like. I always try to dial the more stylized showrods back into something than might be possible.

The wheels and tires from a Red Baron have an iron cross design that works well with fire engines. I made my own larger versions for the rear and set them in a set of Monogram slicks that are big enough to balance out the design.

The Corvair mill was tossed in favor of a Chevy small block. I used a Potvin-style blower to keep the profile low and still pack a punch.  I want to say the blower came from an Orange Crate, and the headers are from a Badman ’55 Chevy. I mated it to the Corvair gearbox, and eliminated all of the bulky suspension with a solid axle tube.

The wheel and tire swap left the car feeling stubby, so I stretched the rails with a “ladder” frame, tying into the fire engine theme. I also used an iron cross steering wheel from a Creepy T and the badged shifter from a Paddy Wagon. I was lucky that all of the boiler and fire engine equipment was there, and the chrome was good.  As usual some time after I modified this fairly rare kit, AMT re-issued it and it’s not hard to find one online. The thrill is in the hunt for me, and I love chasing down old stuff to modify.