The Double Dog! There are a few models that will never be re-released and the Dog Catcher is one of them. Many years ago the molds were modified to make the Sand Shark. As a result, whatever models are left, both boxed and built, are all that’s left.


What’s more, the last run was in the late 1960s or very early ’70s.  Kits like these fall into model collectors’ “holy grail” category. Sentimental nostalgia, demand and limited availability push the prices of these guys far beyond their original $2 or $4 selling prices. Since I earned the nickname “The Grail Killer” I knew the gluebomb I purchased was not slated for restoration. I tracked down another built gluebomb, and “double dog” dared myself to splice them together.

Since it’s only plastic, and money and mechanical logistics are no object, Turnrow Speedshop fully supports multiple engines. Adding twin engines to the Double Dog stretches the front. To balance the vehicle out I decided to make it a tandem rear axle.

Ed Roth once said there was a visual balance to building a custom car, and once you find that, you got it.

As I stretch things, I always have visual balance in mind. Sure, it would have worked with a single axle, but two more of those wide slot mags and a little more length give it some oomph. I’m ready to do a four-wheel burnout.


The rest of the car went together easily. I simply put the Dog Catcher stuff on it, including the red windscreen, headlight bezels, side steps and wing spoilers up front. I used some house screen that matched the tattered pieces on one of the gluebombs for the dog box.  Since the Sand Shark is plentiful and cheap, I bought two for the engines. Their chrome sparkles so much better than  what little of the 1968 pieces I had. Ditto for the front wheels and tires.

With a fresh coat of orange the Double Dog ventures off into the street looking for loose pooches… if you know what I mean. The Grail Killer has struck again and is on the loose. Watch out!