Inspiration can hit me in the least expected places. With a lull in the winter building I found myself wondering what to build next. I pulled up to a morning red light in Memphis and an empty flatbed wrecker banged through the intersection with a clatter. I’d just found my next adventure.

A hundred years ago I drove a rollback for a bit. I have some fond memories and a few of some not-so-great late nighters. People never stop needing help, and I was on call 24/7. I learned a lot about cars and life.

Inspired, I took to eBay to explore my tow-truck options. Before long I ran across a guy selling scratch-built roll back beds, made from sheet styrene. It even came with little brass hooks and a chain. The beds were designed for Chevy pickup trucks. I clicked the “buy it now” button and waited.

Upon its arrival I tore through my parts stash looking for a suitable frame. The re-issue of the Dodge COE was perfect. The flashy body was crap anyways. With dreams of a C-cab hot rod, a Paddy Wagon body was cut down to the right proportions and a rear wall was made.

The size of the bed and cab required the right sized rolling stock. I had a set of MotoFly front wheels and Spyder rears from a Monogram ’69 Camaro. I widened the rears with bigger outer hoops and added them to a set of wrinkle-walled slicks from a Bad Medicine.

I had a 427 from the flamed Monogram ’66 Chevelle with the flip nose kicking around the bins. A super-tall set of injection stacks filled the engine bay and I stretched a set of headers with Li’l Gasser ends until they tucked under cab nicely. The Li’l Gasser also chipped in a set of headlights for the Model A grille shell. With a set of chrome driveshafts and a “split-shift” carrier bearing we were doing burnouts and chasing disabled Saturns at midnight.