C-cab Rollback

Inspiration can hit me in the least expected places. With a lull in the winter building I found myself wondering what to build next. I pulled up to a morning red light in Memphis and an empty flatbed wrecker banged through the intersection with a clatter. I’d just found my next adventure.

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Fire Rail

The Flameout was released in 1972. I found mine as an ancient glue bomb that was missing a few parts. I knew the Corvair engine was coming out and the rest just sort of happened.

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The Boss Rod

Any car that already has two engines is Turnrow approved. The Invader is one of those full-sized hot wheels cars that’s as wild as it can get. Or is it? Once I discovered that the front was as wide as an Ice T, the adventure was on!

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Double Dog

The Double Dog! There are a few models that will never be re-released and the Dog Catcher is one of them. Many years ago the molds were modified to make the Sand Shark. As a result, whatever models are left, both boxed and built, are all that’s left.

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Faster Buck

If the Fast Buck is fast, then doubling the power surely has to make it a Faster Buck. After building one of these armored trucks box stock many years ago, I knew when I ran across another that I had to modify it this time… but how?

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Red Baron II

The Red Baron was the very first show rod I built as a kid, and it was the wildest thing I’d ever seen. This build is an updated version.

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Jordan L. Jones

While I know a lot of artists, I’m kicking off my art section with a guy I work with on a daily basis at COMP Cams: Jordan L. Jones. ┬áVector-based illustration is a medium unlike any other and this guy is a natural.

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The Show Plow

I ran across this plastic toy dump truck bed in a box of loose parts at a model show and knew it would make a great showrod. Once I mocked it up behind the Groovy Grader cab, I knew it had found its home. The Groovy Grader was high on my list of models to kitbash.

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Turnrow lives!

After the seeds were planted and tended with care the Turnrow Speedshop is up and running. Stay tuned…


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